Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend if my relationship is broken or suffering?

Absolutely. We invite you to join us and take away whatever you can to improve beyond where you are today. Our relationship has been broken at times during all the years we've been together, but that has never kept us from our commitment to working through the tough times and coming out the other side stronger and closer. In fact, we have found that the foundation and strength of our relationship is often exactly the thing that gets us through those rocky moments.

Can I attend if my relationship is already thriving?

Of course. This seminar is not therapy. Our participants come from all walks of life and each pair brings their own issues, goals, and dreams to work on throughout the seminar. If you are already in a joyous, thriving partnership, we invite you to join us to see how you can take your relationship to the next level. Great relationships can always be made better—there are no limits but the ones you set yourself. 

What happens during the day?

The day will be consistently moved forward by discussion, exercises and personal sharing from the leaders about what they do every day as they celebrate the up moments and navigate the difficulties. You will achieve transformational results through the presented information and participatory exercises that encourage imagination, open discussion, and sharing.

More FAQs

Can I attend without my partner or if I'm not currently in a relationship?

Yes. This seminar focuses on real-life actions that support a working, thriving relationship. What better way to create one than to learn from people who are currently succeeding?

Can I speak with you directly about my questions?

No problem. Send an email to Joseph or Josseline directly, include your phone number, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.  

Will I be required to publicly share details about my relationship?

You will never be required or pressured to divulge personal information publicly. During the seminar, exercises will include opportunities to share with the group and to learn from the sharing of others. However, speaking to the group will always be an available choice to be made at your own discretion. 

What will we talk about?

This seminar focuses on practical, useful, and effective tactics. Major areas of discussion throughout the day include:

  • Expectations and preconceptions about relationships
  • Cleaning up the space 
  • Commitment: What it is and how it can be used powerfully
  • How to create a custom-made, soaring relationship that serves you as a couple and as individuals

What will I get out of it?

  • Powerful new ways to deal with differences and "tough spots" between you and your partner
  • Access to successful relationship techniques that you have never considered before
  • New ways to communicate effectively with your partner—including all those things you've never been able to say
  • Balance between feeling free, joyful and self-expressed as an individual, while also enjoying all the benefits of sharing a life with someone else
  • Freedom from your preconceptions of what relationships "should" look like, so you are actively in control of how your relationship exists today
  • Specific skills training to support you in excelling as a couple and, simultaneously, as unique individuals

What insights can I expect?

  • Clarity about the hidden frameworks and patterns of your relationship 
  • Distinguishing your preconceptions of what relationships "should" look like 
  • A vision of your relationship’s unique dynamic, how it got that way, and what choices you have to impact its future
  • New awareness of the obstacles standing in the way of effective communication, and strategies to break them down  
  • Discovery of how your personal interpretations of what happened affect your partner
  • Techniques to authentically make your partner "right" when he or she is so obviously "wrong"
  • Strategies to deal with differences that appear irreconcilable