About the Seminar Leaders

Joseph Olewitz and Josseline Charas

met on an airplane in December of 1980. He fell in love with her that day. She fell in love with him two years later. They are different in many ways, including upbringing, education, style, passions, and interests. Since they were married in 1984, there have been many obstacles that tested the strength of their relationship. These were the kinds of challenges that could have destroyed trust and connection and demolished their marriage. 

They’ve seen it happen in other relationships, but Josseline and Joseph can count on one hand the specific times they have felt separate. Their relationship is not successful because of divine luck or the simple serendipity of "the right match." Josseline and Joseph (and their relationship) thrive because they actively engage in constantly generating their joy. They've done it nearly every day for over 30 years.    

It’s not magic. It’s a learnable skill.

What Others Say About Us


Robert May

"In my marriage, I have wished we had access to an uplifting, long-standing example of how couples can nurture and celebrate their joy. Joseph and Josseline exemplify the practice of small acts of kindness. It's not about private jets, fur coats, or diamonds, it's about sweet thoughtfulnesses, listening without defensiveness, and deep respect for one's Other. This power couple lives their words."


Susan Sachs

"They may not have a 'secret sauce' for their marriage, but Joseph and Josseline have managed to find some special ingredients that enable them to face their issues, respect their individual and joint ‘wholeness’ and still gaze adoringly at one another. Their intelligence, self-awareness and willingness to communicate honestly with one another is admirable and rare. I believe they have some ideas that they can share to help our hearts beat a little more quickly with our partners'."


Ward Simmons

"Imagine living with someone free of judgment. Someone who inspires you to think, yet encourages you to be heard. Imagine someone that encourages you to make mistakes, and laughs with you and reassures you when you feel foolish. Imagine imperfection is the norm, even when you try to be perfect, yet the imperfection is what’s appreciated. Imagine someone to help guide you, and to help you remain focused on the things that matter. That’s what I see when I’m with Josseline and Joseph."