Learn to create and manifest an enduring relationship that lights you up, and inside of which anything is possible.  

Learn to create and manifest an enduring relationship that lights you up, and inside of which anything is possible.  

What we are up to

For over 30 years, seminar leaders Josseline Charas and Joseph Olewitz have been working on their relationship, developing skills and insights that enable them to create anew their commitment to each other and to continually adjust their marriage to address their needs as evolving individuals. 

Research demonstrates that solid relationships of all types (not just romantic connections) have a positive impact on a person's quality of life, enhancing their experience of health, happiness, and success.   And yet we know that half of marriages end in divorce. 

In a committed relationship, it is completely possible to feel free, joyful and self-expressed as an individual while also enjoying all the benefits of sharing a life—not just at the start, not only for a while, but for as long as you are together.  

In fact, it is easier to feel fully free and alive when you are supported by a reliable partner and a strong base from which you can swing out boldly in life.    

The seminar

The fully packed one-day interactive seminar is designed to enable partners and individuals to create vibrant, nurturing, fulfilling relationships. You will take away insights about yourself and your relationships and you will learn techniques to develop the necessary structure to maintain your relationship and the flexibility to keep it alive and exciting.  

At the end of the seminar, you will be empowered and trained to generate a relationship in which both you and your partner can thrive and grow as individuals as the relationship evolves over time.

The inspiration

Soon after Josseline and Joseph met, they decided to dedicate their relationship to a model of transformation for relationships on the planet. They were clear that their relationship would be strengthened and buttressed by a greater purpose for being together, one that extended beyond the relationship itself. This seminar grew out of that commitment and as a response to over three decades of “How do you do it?” inquiries from individuals and couples who witnessed the power and workability in Joseph and Josseline's relationship.  

Joseph and Josseline aim to inspire everyone they encounter to create joy, love, and workability in their relationships.

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